Codi Lazar

Ph.D. Candidate

Geology 2640


Abiotic methanogenesis during water-rock interaction; the effect of pressure on the rate of methanogenesis; calcite solubility in reduced fluids; experimental measurement of the equilibrium fractionation of nickel isotopes between metal, silicate, and oxide minerals; awaruite stability during serpentinization; eating chocolate

selected presentations and papers

High pressure methane in subduction zones. (2008) Invited talk at CSUN.

Global warming on the Early Earth: komatiite-hosted methanogenesis. (2007) UCLA Geochemistry seminar presentation

Experimental study of the role of komatiite alteration on methane in Earth's early atmosphere. Lazar, C., McCollom, T.M., and Manning, C.E. (2006) AGU Fall meeting poster session.

Thermodynamic modeling of methane production by metamorphic serpentinization at 0.25-5 kb and 300-600 C: Implications for Archean atmospheric evolution and subduction fluid composition. Lazar, C., and Manning, C.E. (2005) NASA Astrobiology Sci. Conf. poster session.

Experimental partitioning of Tc, Mo, Ru, and Re between solid and liquid during crystallization in Fe-Ni-S. Lazar, C., Walker, D., and Walker, R.J. Geochimica et cosmochimica acta (2004) 68, 3, 643-651.


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